The Poetry of Muhsin Ilyas Subasi

Biography of Muhsin Ilyas Subaşı 

Poet, writer, historian, journalist, and educator

This prolific Turkish writer was born on July 25, 1942 in the village of Şarkışla in the Sivas province of Turkey. 

He started his primary education in the village of Talıaltın, and completed it in the Şarkışla Elementary School (1956).  He then graduated from the Kayseri Imam Hatip High School (1966) and the Kayseri Advanced Institute of Islam (1972). 

Subaşı started his professional life as a journalist from 1966-1973, and then as a teacher in Malatya and Kayseri (1973-1995). 

From 1995 onwards, he has devoted himself entirely to research and writing for his journalistic career.  He was the Kayseri representative of the Anatolian Agency and the Turkish News Agency, and was the Chief of the Editorial Department at the Hakimiyet and Yeni Sabah newspapers (1966-1973).  It was in these newspapers that Subaşı started his literary career by organizing their art pages.

His first published poem appeared in Islam Magazine in 1962.  He became well-known after the publication of his first volume of poety, Vuslat Trks (Reunion Folksong).  From 1965 on, his poems, essays, critiques and research writing have regularly appeared in publications such at Hareke (1965-1975), Trk Yurdu (1965-70), Hisar (1975-1980), Tre (1975-1980), Kk Dergi (where he served as the Director from 1979-81 in Kayseri), Trk Edebiyatı (1980-2000) and Erciyes and Somuncu Baba Magazines.  His articles on politics and current events have been published in the Yeni Devir, Trkiye and Zaman newspapers.

He won the Kayseri Artists Association Poetry Award in 1981 and the Kayseri Journalists Association Press Award for excellence in the field of research in 1984 and 1985.

He has also received the Press Award of the General Directorate of Press and Broadcasting, and in 2013 was honored with the ESKADER Literary Prize. 

Many of his poems have been set to music, and translated into English, German and Arabic.

He also writes under the pen name of Seluk Yurdagl.

Subaşı currently resides in the Central Anatolian city of Kayseri, where he devotes his time to research and writing and to his beloved family (wife Saadet Hanimefendi, 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren).



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