The Poetry of Muhsin Ilyas Subaşı

Oh those people ! 

They told my love that I was crazy


They said that I spoke jibberish

They laughed at me and said I was deaf and dumb.


But when I bloomed green in the desert at night

and by day when I became the color of roses,

Jealous, they said, I was but a tiny flame.


And so I returned to the conquest of my heart,

I split myself into forty pieces

I buried myself all on my own

And to that they said I was malicious.




Ah bu insanlar !


Sevdâma “maraz” dediler


Konuşurdum kuş diliyle

Güldüler,“ahraz” dediler.


Gece yeşerdim çöllerde,

Gündüz renk oldum güllerde,

Kıskandı,“yalaz!” dediler.


Yüreğimi fethe döndüm,

Içimde kırka bölündüm,

Kendimi kendime gömdüm,

Buna da “garaz” dediler…..




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