At the grave of the Sufi scholar Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch, Konya

                                               photo Ibrahim Divarci


Katharine Branning is an educator, librarian, writer and art historian who holds degrees from Pratt Institute, the University of Paris Sorbonne and the Ecole du Louvre. At the Louvre she majored in Islamic arts, with a specialty in Islamic glass.

As an independent researcher and glass artist, she has conducted annual field work relative to architecture and decorative arts in Turkey since 1978.

She has been a librarian at the French Institute of Architecture in Paris, the French Embassy Cultural Services and the Alliance Franaise in New York City. She was awarded the Ordre National du Mrite by the President of France, one of the nation's highest honors, for her work promoting French language and culture through the creation of numerous libraries and systems of study in both France and the United States.

Her book of essays on Turkey, Yes, I would love another glass of tea was published in 2010 by Blue Dome Press, and has been translated into four languages. She publishes articles in the Turkish press and journals, and lectures internationally on cross-cultural issues and educational exchange. In 2012, she was made an honorary citizen of Rize, Turkey.

She currently lives in New York, where she is Vice-President of the French Institute Alliance Franaise.







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